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Friday, 26 May 2017


Jesus is our Healer
He is the great Physician
Nothing He cannot do
Call on His name and He will hear you from Heaven

God never slumber
He is never too far away
He is waiting with outstretched arms
Call out to Him and He will be right there for you. 

Trust Him, 
Our father in Heaven
His great love for us never ceases
His mercy endures forever

My friend, Melissa Ho has this testimony to share
looking back the route that she has gone through
cannot help but giving Thanks and Praises to 
The Almighty God of Heaven and Earth

Putting her whole trust in God has brought her Peace, Love and Hope
God's unfailing love has restored for her
A life that is meant for her
Knowing God is so wonderful

Good evening all,

My name is Melissa. 11th June, 2016 was an important and memorable date as this was the day that I got baptized in the church.  On that day I became a daughter of God and a disciple of Jesus Christ.  And this was witnessed by all my brothers & sisters in Christ.  As the Pastor was praying over me in the Name of the Father, Son & the Holy Spirit, I was overcome by the love of God.  I feel the presence of the spirit from my head to toe. And I felt such joy that I have never felt before and deep in my heart I felt a sense of liberty.  I quietly told the Lord this ‘O, Lord I am thankful for your saviour and setting me free from sin, suffering and bondages, and for making me a brand new person.  I am willing to follow you, to serve you and to glorify your name with my life.

I remember being in church for the first time back in 1995.  It was when I first went to America to visit my brother.  I followed him to church one Sunday.  I felt peace and calmness the moment I stepped into the church.  And the church members were very friendly which made me feel loved.  At that time, listening to the sermon was like listening to a story; very interesting.  That was my first encounter with Jesus.  After that, my brother keeps sharing the word of God with me.  Very quickly, 3 weeks of holidays had ended.  After I came back home, due to my family and work commitment, I stopped attending church.  It was until the year 2000 that I visited my brother again in USA together with my parents to attend his wedding that I stepped into a church again.

In 2003, my brother came back for a visit.  As he came to my house and saw idols, he asked me why I was still worshipping those.  I kept quiet but in my heart I was wondering how come my brother was condemning other people’s religion?  After that incident, it had caused me to dislike Christianity and I had no interest in Christianity or getting to know God.

I had a failed marriage which caused me a lot of suffering and torment.  I had many emotional breakdowns. I cried every day.  I couldn’t concentrate on my job, couldn’t sleep at night.  I even thought of ending my life.  As a result, I suffered from various illnesses.  I needed to get my life back and so I asked for a divorce.  It was a rough journey but eventually me and my unfaithful husband separated.  I was devastated and fell into depression and developed auto-immune disease.  All these health issue caused me even more anxiety and heartache.

After giving birth to my daughter in 1997, I was terribly anemic and was suspected of having thalassemia.  I had to go through some blood tests.  But, since I have very low hemoglobin and also having jaundice, thus unable to proceed with the blood tests. I was on medication for 6 months but only barely managed to sustain to go for blood tests.  The medical report showed that it wasn’t thalassemia but I had a severe iron deficiency.  Only 0.2mcg of iron left in my body which means I could die anytime.  The doctor recommended blood transfusion but I refused, not wanting other people’s blood in me.  I was really unaware that my life was at risk.  After many years of treatment, that wasn’t much improvement.  Until 2006, the doctor found some suitable medications for me.  After consuming it for few months, my hemoglobin shot up.  Oh! I was so happy! At that time although I was still a Buddhist but my thought was that it was God that saved me and he used the doctors to heal me.  Praise God.

So in 2006, I underwent a few operations.  And one of them was to remove an ovarian fibroid.  After that, I bought a health insurance policy but it excluded the coverage for my uterus.  Now, it has been 10 years since the operation and my gynecologist said I am doing well.  Then I did an extensive medical check-up in April 2016 and showed and submitted the result to my insurer.  I requested that they waive the exclusion in the coverage of my uterus.  In August that same year, my insurer informed me that the company has approved my application.  Now, I have full coverage on my healthcare.  I am thankful that God heard and answered my prayers.  One by one God has granted answers to my prayers.  This is my first gift from God after my water baptism.  I am grateful to God for His protection and care.

Before coming to God, I was a pessimist, full of fear and guilt, feeling hopeless and restless.  I would suddenly burst into tears and overcame by my anxiety.  This was the work of the enemy.  One week before my water baptism, I removed all idols from my home and I felt the peace of God fill my heart.  I was free from worries and pain.

The difference before and after my baptism is this:-
Now in my everyday life, I have peace, joy and hope for my future.  Even my colleagues see the change in me.  Now I know that God holds everything in his hands.  Even when there is trouble, I can surrender it to God as I know we have limits to what we can do.  I also understand that God has different ways and means for each one of us to come to know Him.  I can feel God’s love for me eventhough I am a sinner.  I can feel the faith and strength that God has given me.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my testimony with you.


我叫丽琴。你们也可以叫我Melissa.  2016611日这重要的日子里,我就在我一直想到的桂和园卫理教会受洗;成为上帝的儿女,主耶稣的门徒。我亲爱的女儿以及众多的主内弟兄姐妹一起见证了这时刻。当牧师奉圣父,圣子,圣灵的名为我施洗时,主的爱、神的灵立刻充满了我。从未有过的喜乐和释放从我内心涌流。我轻轻地对主说:主啊!我感谢你救我脱离罪恶,脱离苦难和捆绑而成为一个新造的人。我愿一生一世跟随你、侍奉你、荣耀你!








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