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Sunday, 5 March 2017


Ipoh famous fried liew
is not complete without these crispy foo pei.

Of course, 
if you are worried about the amount of oil used in deep frying these crispy sheets
you may as well refrain from eating any of them

Yet, many cannot resist these crispy foo pei, or bean curd

You will be surprised
how easy it is to fry these foo pei
if you are not burdened with the cleaning of kitchen 
after frying, I mean!

I have this recipe to share with you:

Ipoh Fried Foo Pei
200g fish paste, store bought
1 beancurd sheet, cut into 1/2 A4 size, or smaller

1) spread 2-3 tsp fish paste onto one side of the bean curd sheet
2) fold the other side over & seal the edge
3) deep fry until cooked, let cool
4) before serving, heat up oil & fry until golden brown
5) serve warm with chili sauce

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