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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Foochow Dialect

The common comment from those who heard 
spoken Foochow Dialect 
" Are they arguing or quarrelling?"

Here is one quite out of the ordinary!
Share if you know the dialect

Somebody asked: How to call 'a river' in your dialect?
I replied: Ore
She repeated: How do you say 'river' in Foochow?
I said: Ore
Quite disappointed, she asked again: How do you call prawns in the sea?
I said: Ha
She repeated: How to call?
I said: Ha
Desperately, she asked again: Then, how do you call the ducks in the river?
I said: ark (lower sound)
She repeated: How?
I said: ark (lower sound)
She looked at me sympathetically, and said: You look good, so unfortunate to be dumb! 


Maria Bee from Facebook said...

Dear sis Katie, u really make me laugh!

Katie Foong: Haha! I had my share too!

Alena Ooi from Facebook, laughing said...

Katie Foong: Good for a laugh

Alena Ooi: yes hehe, tks for sharing Aunty Katie ❤

Katie Foong: Alena Ooi Huchew Noin, meh soh noin!