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Monday, 16 January 2017


Nian Gao
A must for the Chinese New year celebration
especially the elderly

Nian Gao 
has the same sound as
'Every year growing'
for children, it means growing taller every year
for businesses, it means going to new heights every year

Such an auspicious word
how can one miss it!

Nian Gao
200g glutinous rice flour
200g caster sugar
150g water

To prepare tins for steaming:
1. line tins or ramkins with either scalded banana leaves or parchment paper
2. if you are using banana leaves, make it double layer & secure with strings
3. Parchment paper can be easily removed from Nian Gao after 2 or 3 days

To prepare batter:
1) put 100g sugar into a small saucepan, heat up slowly to caramel
2) stir if you need to, to get a nice golden colour evenly
3) when sugar has melted, add a few spoons of water (from the 150g water), 
     Do not stir, switch off heat & allow it to cool
4) when it is almost cooled, add the balance of water into this syrup. stir to combine
5) mix glutinous rice flour & remaining sugar, slowly pour in the diluted syrup
6) mix well until fully combined. 
6) leave aside for 10-15min, stirring occasionally to make sure the sugar is dissolved
    and the flour has fully incorporated
7) pour into prepared ramkins & steam in a slow cooker for 4-6 hours

the longer you steam the darker the colour of nian gao

When the Nian Gao has cooled down overnight
you can remove the gao from the container & trim the leaves

If you are eager to taste it,
1) buy some fresh grated coconut
2) mix in some salt, toss well
3) use a pair of chopsticks to twist out some gao
4) coat it with the grated coconut like this:


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Daisy Oh from Facebook said...

Tks Katie. Oh yes tks for yr nian gao recipe. Turns out very good . But don't know how to line the tin. A bit messy any way tks so much for yr sharing.

Katie Foong: Daisy Oh Great! Thanks for your update.