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Wednesday, 21 December 2016


To start a Sourdough may be a tedious job

I usually get the joy
out of feeding
 seeing it becoming more active each day

Mandy Ng has a recipe for
Simple sourdough
to share
Just feeding, no discarding

I like this because there is no wastage

Thank you Mandy Ng for sharing

1st day
7:00am 50g bread flour
                50g bottled water
                1/2 tsp rice vinegar
                Mix well, cover & let rest @ room temp.
1:00pm (after 6hrs) feed 25g flour
                                                 25g water
7:00pm (after 6hrs) feed same amount
After 2nd Day Feeding

2nd day - do the same
3rd day -  do the same

1. After 3rd day, starter can be used for bread with yeast
2. For sourdough loaf without commercial yeast, feed for another 4 days
3. Feed twice a day at room temp, double the amount of water and flour
4. If not baking for the next few days, put in fridge but must feed once every 3 days to keep it going.

This Sourdough is ready for baking
It has risen triple
in less than 3 hours

To test if the sourdough is ready,
drop some into a bowl of water, if it floats, it is ready for baking

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