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Sunday, 30 October 2016


I am using 

Korean Ginseng Fine Roots or 'beards' 
for this chicken soup

The 'beards' of Korean Ginseng
is similar in colour 
to the main root
the strength has been greatly reduced.

It is no longer heaty
it helps in cleaning of blood
especially useful to those who have skin problems
like pimples and rashes

Ginseng roots are sold in bundles like this

has a bitter taste

As such, other herbs such as huai san, dried longan and wolfberries 
are added to sweeten the soup

1 chicken thigh, or other parts (kampong chicken)
10-20g ginseng roots
2 rice bowls of hot water
12g huai san
8 longan
1-2 Tbsp wolfberries
salt to taste (optional)

1) blanch chicken in boiling water, drained
2) rinse all herbs & put into a steaming bowl
3) add hot water & chicken
4) double boil for 3 hours
5) add salt to taste if required

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