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Monday, 24 October 2016



This is an appetizing
and clear soup
with 6 herbs 
as shown in the photo below

I have added sar shen (item at bottom left corner)
without it,
it is just fine


It is good as a dessert too
if you sweeten it with some rock sugar

good for the little ones in the family
as it helps to increase appetite 

6 herbs soup
(can be bought in ready packet from a chinese medical shop)

huai san
dried lotus seeds
yu zhu
see sud
sar shen
pak hup
dried longan
1 chicken thigh
2 chicken feet

1) rinse the herbs & put into a double boiler or slow cooker
2) add chicken thigh & feet
3) add enough boiling water
4) double boil for 2-3 hours
5) serve

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