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Thursday, 29 September 2016


 Chicken Rice

is popular in both Malaysia & Singapore
is often referred to as

Hainan Chicken Rice

It is simply
steamed rice with boiled chicken
nowadays it comes with roasted chicken too

Chicken Rice
 is served with a special chilli sauce & ginger sauce
that makes it so different

In Singapore
it comes with an additional sweet sauce - the Black sauce!

The chicken needs to be juicy 
to qualify for the name

Hainan Chicken Rice

so it must not be overcooked or dry

Steamed Chicken Rice

A. 1 chicken Thigh, free range chicken

B. 1 cup rice, rinsed & drained
     2 pandan leaves, knotted
     2 slice ginger
     1 lemon grass, lightly smashed
      pinch of turmeric powder
      salt to taste. if required

C. Sauce: 2 Tbsp garlic oil (oil fried with minced garlic)
                 1.5 Tbsp soya sauce
                 1 tsp sugar
                 3 Tbsp hot water 

D. Garnish: spring onions, cut
                     cucumber, peeled & sliced 

1. add rice, knotted pandan leaves, ginger & lemongrass in the rice cooker
2. add enough water for cooking rice
3. add turmeric powder little by little to the water, the colour of water should be very       pale yellow (if too dark, the rice will be very yellow)
4. place the chicken thigh on top the rice (can lightly colour the chicken skin with        turmeric too)
5. switch on power of the rice cooker & cook 
6. when rice is cooked, allow to keep warm for at least 30 min
7. use a chopstick to poke the thigh, if the chopstick can go through easily, the chicken is cooked
8. take out the chicken & chop to bite size, arrange on a serving plate.
9. mix ingredients for sauce & pour onto the chicken
10. garnish dish with sliced cucumber & spring onions.
11. serve with rice, chilli sauce & ginger sauce


Before cooking


Hainanese chicken rice is not complete without the following sauces:

Chiili sauce

4 red chilli, partly de-seeded
3 chilli padi, optional
12 cloves garlic, peeled
1.5 tsp sugar, to taste
1/8 tsp salt, to taste
juice from 1 lemon

1) combine chilli & garlic in a blender
2) add enough boiled water to blend until smooth
3) add lemon juice
4) season to taste with sugar & salt

Ginger Sauce

2 large pieces of ginger, peeled & cut
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1 Tbsp shallot oil (oil fried with shallots)
1/2 tsp LKK mushroom sauce
1/4 tsp salt, to taste
2 tsp sugar, to taste

1) put ginger in a blender, add enough water to blend until fine
2) heat up blended ginger
3) add sesame oil, shallot oil & mushroom sauce
4) add salt & sugar to taste
5) remove from heat when boils

I have tried cooking the chicken rice 
in this Electric Lunch Box
or Steamer


teh laytee said...

So happy I found ur blog. Just hope n pray hard hard I will b displine n forced myself to cook.
Tqvm n God bless u to shared even more recipes.
I only start cooking after retirement.cook one curry fish,yell for my mum,aged 90 n my sis to help me out.s if my house caught fire n not d wok too hot already. Hahaha... Have a nice day!!!

Katie Foong said...

You are welcomed dear. If you have the will, nothing can get in your way. I also started blogging at the age of retirement. My mom is 86 years old. My mom says I am very lucky to have her around when I am already 65 now! Do drop me a line if you need any explanation on the recipe. I will be most delighted to share with you. Afterall, my purpose of having the blog is to share what I know, and also to learn from others. So glad to know another sister in Christ. God Bless you too.

Winnie Leong (Facebook) said...

Thanks for sharing a good recipe to me!!
Your'e awesome!
1 · September 30 at 1:46pm

Katie Foong: You are welcomed. Sharing is joy.
September 30 at 2:37pm

Bernice Lim from Facebook said...

Yum yum..the chicken meat looks so yummy!!!
September 30 at 10:59am

Katie Foong: Thank you, try for yourself and you will love it.
Use free range chicken to achieve that.
September 30 at 11:43am

Che Che from Facebook said...

Katie, this is one mouth watering and appetizing Hainan chicken rice... thanks a lot for sharing. Will try it one of these days.
September 30 at 10:05am

Katie Foong: Great! hope to see your photo soon.

Jessie Tee from Facebook said...

Succulent chicken, delicious! (y)
September 30 at 8:52am

Katie Foong: Thank you . Try to cook, very easy
September 30 at 9:03am

Jo Lim from Facebook said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe!
A life saver for us working women ����and looks so good
September 30 at 9:09am

Katie Foong: Welcomed.
If you have all ingredients ready, you need less than a hour to serve.
September 30 at 9:13am

Jo Lim: yes, that's my cooking time frame during work week

Priscilla Tan from Facebook said...

Sooo sooo yummy ur family edp ur grand cucu so blessed got master chef ah mah
September 30 at 9:17am

Katie Foong: Thank you.
I only get the chance to cook for the grandchildren when I visit them in Singapore. As for the adults, they prefer not to stress me, so eat out!
September 30 at 9:21am

Janet Teo from facebook said...

The chicken looks delicious ����
September 30 at 9:34am

Katie Foong: yes, yummy.
I use free range chicken thigh. Taste better
September 30 at 10:06am

Serena Hay from Facebook said...

Tks Katie for sharing the recipe. Appreciate it
September 30 at 10:18am

Katie Foong: You are welcomed, dear
September 30 at 10:53am

Chris Chung from Facebook said...

Thank you Katie for sharing your yummy and easy recipe.
September 30 at 10:26am

Katie Foong: you are welcomed
September 30 at 10:53am

Karishma Tiwari from Facebook said...

my kids love this
September 30 at 10:26am

Katie Foong: good! so you can make more often this easy peasy recipe
September 30 at 10:53am

A.I.Low from Facebook said...

Love this recipe! Thanks for sharing.
September 30 at 10:32am

Katie Foong: good
September 30 at 10:54am

Nique Tan Wooi Sean from Facebook said...

Restaurant grade ��
September 30 at 3:07pm

Katie Foong: No lah, just humble homemade meal.��

Melanie Hew from Facebook said...

i have tried both your soya sauce chicken and hainanese chicken rice,so yummy and easy! Thanks!

Katie Foong: Thank you. So kind of you to let me know.