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Friday, 30 September 2016


This is a popular dish among the Chinese Community

It is cooked
for special occasions
celebrations of 
12th day of the birth of a baby
and Birthdays

Although this is a dish loved by many
it is seldom prepared
because it can be quite fattening 

Black Vinegar Pig's Trotter
is known for its collagen content in the pig's skin
it is for this reason that it is prepared for new mothers

Some like it hot or spicy
with plenty of ginger
others prefer it to be mild
but sweet and sour

Basically there are 4 ingredients:
pig's trotter, black vinegar, ginger and black beans
brought to simmer until soften

Sounds easy
but it will take quite awhile for the beans to be softened
and pig's trotter to be cooked

If you are interested, here is the recipe which I gladly share with you

This is the brand of black vinegar I use
of course there are other brands
but you need to adjust the degree of sweetness & sour
according to your liking

Black Vinegar Pig's Trotter
450g pig's trotter, cleaned
65g black beans, soaked overnight
1 & 1/2 cup black vinegar
3 cup water
sugar & salt to taste, if needed

1) bring black beans, ginger, black vinegar and water to a boil
2) simmer until beans are softened
3) at this stage, some prefer to leave it for 4 hours or overnight
4) if not, just add the pig's trotter pieces & simmer until tender
5) add salt & sugar to taste, if required

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