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Sunday, 10 July 2016



is soft and springy

made with
Tang Zhong
& whipping cream 

I have adapted the recipe from Mandy Ng

Tang Zhong
20g bread flour +
100g water - mix well & stir over low heat until slightly thicken
                      and can see the bottom of pot
                      remove from heat & left to cool

all of the Tang Zhong
10g whipping cream
85g milk
1 large egg
30g butter
6g salt
30g cooked quinoa
280g bread flour
30g brown sugar
4g instant yeast

1) all dough ingredients go into the bread machine according to list
2) dough cycle, 1.5hrs
3) take out & shape into 10 balls
4) arrange on baking tray to rise for 1 hour
5) when ready to go into the oven, brush top with milk & decorate with
    sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds
6) bake in preheated oven @200'C for 15min

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