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Thursday, 17 March 2016


Chicken Essence 
is usually prepared for the weak and sickly

It is also prepared for those in Confinement Month
1) it is nutriceous
2) can be prepared using the unpaletable parts  e.g. breast meat
& 3) it is easy to prepare 

As this is steamed for long hours,
about 4 hours,
the broth or essence is usually clear and tasty 

A dash of pepper
or ginger powder will give a different taste
on its own
I simply love it!

To prepare:
1) get some pieces of chicken meat, can be any part that we dislike 
2) slice thinly or simply chop it with the back of the chopper
3) over-turn a bowl & put it at the base of the steamer or small pot
4) arrange the chicken pieces around as shown
5) add some water (about 1/4 bowl)
6) steam for 4 hours
7) let it cool down for the essence to subside to the bottom
8) remove the chicken pieces which are hard & dry
9) remove the bowl & pour out the essence
10) reheat to serve hot

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