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Monday, 22 February 2016


Left over from Festive Dinner

Best to bring them together

in ONE big pot

In Foochow, it is called " Chai Teh"

in Hockien, "Chai Booi"

However it is called

all mean Left Over Food

If you know the secret ingredients

I promise you a delicious chai teh

Basic ingredients you see as you stir the pot are
1) green vegetable, Kai choy
2) dried chillies &
3) assam slices

behind the scene are
1) tomato ketchap & or
2) sardine in tomato 

In fact
 the last 2 ingredients contribute 
to the rich taste 
and colour
of the dish

without them the taste can be quite flat

some like it hot & spicy
some like it sour
more like it sweet

It is your choice
and you can adjust according to your taste buds

A note of advice
always remember to boil the Kai Choy 1st
& pour away the bitter water (1st round of boiling)
before adding the left over food

It does not really matter
whether you buy the long Kai Choy or the short round ones

I prefer short ones
because these are more tender

Happy trying out!

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