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Friday, 25 September 2015


Double layer Chendol Agar agar

10g agar agar powder
200g santan
450g water
100-150g chendol, drained
100g palm sugar, to taste

1) boil agar agar powder in water until dissolve
2) add palm sugar to taste, 
3) pour 2/3 of this mxiture into a mould (rest in cold water to cool faster)
4) in another pot, boil coconut milk
5) add remaining 1/3 sugar mixture to this coconut milk
6) you may add extra sugar to the coconut milk if you prefer
7) stir in chendol
8) when sides of bottom layer is harden but centre is still wobbling, 
    slowly pour chendol layer on top, careful not to mix the 2 layers
9) chill before cutting

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