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Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Yam is well loved by many, especially the

Foochow people

I remember when I was in Fuzhou 
I saw the yam there as big as my head, some even bigger!

They said,
yam takes one whole year to grow to that size!
yam can be expensive at times.

The various dishes prepared by the Foochow people in China 
with yam includes;

1) sweet yam paste dessert
2) yam paste stuffed in sweet glutinous rice bowls
3) fried yam rings/flowers
4) braised yam
5) yam noodles

To prepare braised fish belly yam you will need the following ingredients:

200g fish belly (from big fish), sliced into big pieces
200g yam, cut into thick pieces
1/2" ginger, smashed
salt, pepper, oyster sauce & soya sauce to taste

1) deep fry fish & yam pieces (half cooked)
2) fry ginger in some oil until fragrant
3) add fish pieces & yam
4) add water and cook until boiling
5) add seasoning according to own liking
6) it is ready when gravy becomes slightly thicken
7) garnish with some cut spring onions & serve

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