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Monday, 8 December 2014


Foochow people love peanuts

Peanuts are cooked in soups
wrapped in dumplings
as fillings for paus like
Jin Nau Pau or pillow pau and 
Ching Aik Koh, another typical layered Foochow pau 

Hua Ling Toong in Foochow dialect,
is a Sweet Peanut Soup

well loved by many Foochow people in Sitiawan

I can remember when I was a child
this was a most welcomed dessert in my grandmother's house

You can buy it from the market too
just like red bean soup, green pea soup or bo-bo-cha.

Simple it may be 
it takes a lot of patients to boil it
you need at least 2 hours 

I used Pressure cooker to save time 

150g groundnuts 
3 pandan leaves
1000ml water
sugar to taste

1) rinse groundnuts and boil in a pot together with pandan leaves
2) you may need more water to boil down 
3) when groundnuts are soft, remove pandan leaves
4) add sugar to taste

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