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Monday, 20 October 2014


Some like it plain
Many like it sweet
and yet many like it deep fried

But everyone likes it soft and fine

Man Tou
120g water
3/4 tsp instant yeast
250g plain flour or pau flour
30g castor sugar
10g vegetable oil
1) combine water and yeast and leave aside
2) combine sugar and flour in another bowl
3) pour oil into yeast water
4) pour the liquid into flour and knead well
5) cover dough and leave aside for 15min
6) roll dough into 13"x6" rectangle
7) brush top with water & roll up like a swiss roll
8) cut into 8-10 pieces & put on pieces of wax paper
9) leave man tou in steamer for 20min 
10) turn fire to HIGH to bring water to the boil
11) reduce fire to medium (steam total 15min)
12) off fire, and let sit in steamer for 5min before opening cover to remove the man tou

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