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Monday, 6 October 2014


Heard that it is not easy to roll up
A Swiss Roll

I confirm so
 especially when I am handling it
for the first time

See the end result?
I need to roll it upside down
The top is spoilt

Thanks to kitchentigress for the recipe

15g cake flour
10g cocoa powder
pinch of salt
15g corn oil
10g water
30g egg yolk
15g castor sugar

70g egg white
30g castor sugar

75g whipping cream, whipped

1) sift together cake flour & cocoa powder, add salt
2) beat together oil, water, sugar & egg yolk 
3) when sugar dissolved, fold in sifted flour
4) whisk egg white & sugar until stiff
5) fold egg white into egg yolk in 2 batches
6) pour mixture into 10X14" lined pan, level
7) bake in preheated oven @200'C for 10min
8) remove from oven & tap pan on table top
9) peel off parchment & cool on wire rack
10) when cooled, spread a layer of cream 
11) roll up & chill before serving

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