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Sunday, 7 September 2014


QQ is the texture
Not too soft
Just nice to hold in your fingers

150g glutinous flour
40g wheat flour
15g tapioca flour
125g sugar
200g water (from water boiled in pandan leaves)

1/2 tsp strawberry paste (for flavour)+some water

50g soya bean, toasted & ground to powder for dusting

1) sift flours into a bowl, and add sugar, mix well
2) pour water into the dry ingredients, stir to form a thick batter
3) pour batter into a 9" grease tray
4) steam for 15min
5) once removed from heat, brush with the strawberry paste
6) let cool 10min before rolling up into a cylinder
7) dust with soya bean powder & cut into bit size pieces

Special thanks to Ann
for sharing the recipe

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