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Friday, 20 June 2014


Grandma's preparation.
This is just duck egg salted with the residue from red yeast rice wine.

My grandmother is a Hu Chew Noin
She came from Fuzhou,

She married and stayed in "San Tiaw Lu", today better known as Simpang Tiga,  Sitiawan. When my grandfather passed away, the youngest uncle was only a toddler.  She single handedly raised up her 7 children, 6 boys and a girl. Although she could not afford to send her children to university education, all of them were able to learn, and master a skill to earn a good living.

Her cooking is more of simple and with inexpensive ingredients.  Nevertheless, all of us grandchildren, including her own children missed the dishes she prepared for us during Chinese New Year celebration. Simple it might be, but it was prepared with much patience and abundance of her love for us.

400 ml water
200g salt
5 duck eggs, wiped clean
5-10 Tablespoon wine residue (CHOW)

1) Boil together salt & water
2) leave to cool
3) put eggs in a bottle
4) mix wine residue (Chow) into the cooled salt solution
5) pour into the bottle & cover
6) leave for 21 days and hard boil it to enjoy.

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