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Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Friday, 21 March 2014


Ethan : " Kung kung, let us play checkers."
Kung2: " I thought you like to play with mama?"
Ethan : " No.... she takes long time to finish one game..
              also..... she sometimes win one..."

Coming home from school,
Hayley: " I cannot eat lunch.... I have pain in my throat."
Ethan  : " You cannot say things that is not true,
                it will come to pass!"
Kung2 : " Is it pain or itchy throat?"
Hayley: " ur....... I think it is itchy."
Later, she finished the whole plate of baked rice with salmon
and commented "it is so yummy!"

At the Swensens, Ethan gave me the menu....
Ethan : " Mama, would you like to have a kid's meal?"
...thinking that he cannot finish it,
Mama: " Why not?"
Ethan: " If you order, can you please give me the apple 
              juice and the corn cup?"            
Mama: " then, what is your main course?"
Ethan: " I am sharing with Hayley, an adult portion!"

Pressing his 2 palms on my cheek,
Ethan : " Mama, your face feel like a dough."
Mama: " What do you mean?"
Ethan: " Because it is soft & sticky like the bread dough
             we knead!"

Mama: " Ethan, time to shower."
No response!
Mama: " Ethan, it is time to shower or else you will 
              not have time to nap!"
Ethan: " Then, no need la... I am big boy already."
Mama: " but mummy says you need to."
Ethan: " O........k (softly)....."
.... holding his favourite ninjago in one hand and 
crawling from the play mat... under the dining table, 
he is making his way to the bathroom!

Mama: " Don't pump the shampoo bottle so hard,
              too much shampoo for your short hair, waste 
              money and also difficult to wash off the shampoo."
Ethan: " Yes mama. My teacher says must shower 
              fast fast and don't waste water!"
... anxious to go out and play again!

Ethan: " Mama, you will wake me after at 4pm?"
Mama: " Of course, if you want me to."
then at 4pm....
Mama: "Ethan, time to wake up."
... opened his eyes, turned to the other side & continue
Hayley: " Mama, mummy says we can watch a TV programe
               at 4pm but Titi is sleeping how?"
Mama: " No choice, got to wait for him and watch together!"
Before we could finish our conversation, Ethan was already
standing behind us, rubbing his dreamy eyes!

Hayley: " Mama, are you going back to Ipoh tomorrow?"
Mama : " Yes, dear."
Hayley: " I will miss you mama..."
Ethan  : " I miss you too. I miss your sweet and sour fish!"
Hayley: " I miss baked rice with teriyaki chicken too!"

Mummy: " Children, go ahead and choose a bun each 
                 to eat before go to the cinema for the show."
Ethan: " I like this cheese bread stick. 
             Mama, do you like to have one like mine?
             It is very nice you know."
Hayley: " Mama, mine tastes better. 
               The cheese is inside the bun instead of outside.
               This cheese taste better."



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