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Sunday, 22 September 2013



Fluffy cooked quinoa 

ready to be added to bread dough

Ever tried baking bread with Quinoa and Chia Seeds? 

You will love its soft texture and colour.  
This is a healthy loaf 
with the goodness of Quinoa and Chia Seeds blended into it.  
It is moist, light and spongy. 
Its light brown colour comes from the molasses.

To Prepare Quinoa:
1) clean and soak 1 cup quinoa for 1-4 hours
2) cook in rice cooker or steamed with 1.5 cup water
3) leave to cool

100g cooked quinoa from the batch
160-180g fresh milk 
1/2 tsp salt
1 Tbsp butter
225g high protein flour
1 Tbsp chia seed
1 tsp instant yeast
1 Tbsp molasses

1) put all ingredients in bread machine, bread dough cycle
2) the dough should be soft and not too sticky
3) let proof until double 60min
4) shape to bake in loaf pan
5) let proof again until double
6) bake in preheated oven 175'C for 35min

Note: This bread can be baked in the bread maker and it is still soft


Diana Soyer from Facebook said...

September 6 at 4:53pm

Katie Foong: You will like the colour
September 6 at 8:26p

BiBi C.Bbc from Facebook said...

Awesome... I have loads of quinoa.
Can't wait to try this out.
Thanks a bunch for the share. ����
September 6 at 9:39pm

Katie Foong ��
September 6 at 8:27pm

BiBi C. Bbc Amazing you have your own blog! I'm truly impressed. ��
September 6 at 11:40pm

BiBi C. Bbc: Soaking my quinoa now.
Tomorrow morning's project. ����
September 6 at 11:41pm

Katie Foong: BiBi C. Bbc thank you.
Have not been active for quite awhile.
Just learning and picking up things.
September 7 at 9:48am

Katie Foong: BiBi C. Bbc I tried baking with blended quinoa
but it taste a bit bitter because without soaking,
the quinoa has a slight bitter taste
September 7 at 9:50am

BiBi C. Bbc: I'm doing it right now.
I actually soaked it overnight.
It has this nutty taste to it too.
September 7 at 9:53am · Edited

BiBi C. Bbc My bm is working hard now. ��
BiBi C. Bbc's photo.
September 7 at 9:52am

Katie Foong: BiBi C. Bbc You are right,
the molasses will overcome the smell
September 7 at 9:53am

BiBi C. Bbc: I hope it will turn out well.
Fingers crossed for now. ��
September 7 at 9:54am

Katie Foong: Quinoa is a good source of protein.
It also helps to strengthen the immune system.
That is the reason why I like to bake and cook with it.
Unfortunately not many people can stand the nutty flavour and bitter
September 7 at 9:56am

Katie Foong: BiBi C. Bbc no worry,
it will if you have measured the ingredients correctly.
September 7 at 9:57am

BiBi C. Bbc: Sometimes I do cook it along with white rice .
So it's a good combination. Not so nutty.
�� yes I'm aware of its nutrients as it is gluten free too.
Days that we want to go on a healthier diet.
September 7 at 10:01am

BiBi C. Bbc: I've done it,
Katie Foong unfortunately I can't tag u in my post
I just posted in the group.
Thanks again for the share. �� ��
September 7 at 3:21pm

Katie Foong: Very good, enjoy
September 7 at 3:36pm

Janet Teo from Facebook said...

So soft����
September 6 at 6:14pm

Katie Foong: Yes, spongy and nice
September 6 at 8:27pm

Jess Peng from Facebook said...

So healthy��❤
September 6 at 6:38pm

Katie Foong: Quinoa is good and healthy
September 6 at 8:28pm

Catherine Wong from Facebook said...

One healthy beautiful loaf.
September 6 at 7:47pm

Katie Foong You can leave out Chia seed
September 6 at 8:29pm

Yvonne Chong Soo Yee from Facebook said...

Can see from your photo... The bread so soft
September 6 at 8:12pm

Katie Foong: Yes, it is soft
September 6 at 8:29pm

Florence Goh from Facebook said...

Thanks Katie... you are amazing!����
September 6 at 8:29pm

Katie Foong: No la, just trial & experiment, finally got it right.
So happy to be able to share
September 6 at 8:30pm

Priscilla Tan from Facebook said...

Thank u a million Katie for sharing ur such a dearie
September 6 at 11:09pm

Katie Foong: You are welcomed dear
September 7 at 9:46am

Noble Pll from Facebook said...

Superb Katie Foong. Will try this soon
September 6 at 11:22pm

Katie Foong: You will like it, I am sure
September 7 at 9:46am

Cheryl Banaena from Facebook said...

Thanks for sharing! Good idea.
September 7 at 5:38am

Katie Foong: You are welcomed Cheryl Banaena
September 7 at 9:45am

Michelle Chew from Facebook said...

may I know whr can I buy quinoa?
How you call quinoa in mandarin?
September 7 at 6:18am

Katie Foong Can buy quinoa from organic shop.
I don't know its Chinese name.
There are 2 types, I am using the coloured ones,
the other is normal light beige Colour.
September 7 at 9:45am

Michelle Chew: TQVM.
September 7 at 9:48am

Katie Foong: You are welcomed.
Hope you will let me see your loaf .
September 7 at 9:51am

Yee Leng Soon: Michelle Chew Quinoa is 藜麦或小小米 in chinese
September 7 at 1:07pm

Michelle Chew :Yee Leng Soon, is it yellow colour?
September 7 at 1:08pm

Yee Leng Soon: Yellow colour is millet 小米,
quinoa is much more expensive than millet.
Can get fr organic section in supermarket
Yee Leng Soon's photo.
September 7 at 1:25pm

Katie Foong: Yee Leng Soon I am not sure whether this is the name.
Maybe you can show the photo.
September 7 at 1:26pm

Katie Foong: Yee Leng Soon yes, this is the one!
September 7 at 1:32pm

Michelle Chew: ��Tqvm.
September 7 at 1:33pm

Jacqueline Khoo from Facebook said...

can I replace molasses with honey? 😊

Katie Foong: The molasses is of very small amount to give some sweetness and colour to the crumbs of the loaf. You may replace it with brown sugar, no need honey.