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Thursday, 5 September 2013



2 large eggs
150g sugar
250g santan
    3 pandan leaves knotted

1) heat up water in a double boiler (outter pot)
2) beat eggs with 100g sugar
3) add santan, mix well and leave aside
4) when water boils, remove from heat
5) caramel 50g sugar in the inside pot of a double boiler
     over low heat
6) when sugar started to caramel, remove from heat
7) and put this pot into the outer pot of hot water 
8) strain egg mixture into the caramel, stir well
9) add knotted pandan leaves
10) off and on stirring the egg mixture over low heat
11) when the custard thickens to a right texture, 
       cover the pot & remove from heat 
12) after 25min, the kaya is ready to be spooned into bottles

Alternatively, instead of caramel, add thick pandan juice for colour

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