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Sunday, 29 September 2013



I like Baguette 
because of its spongy interior 
wrapped in its crackling crust

It is versatile
can be served in many ways

Just the basic bread ingredients
a lengthy preparation time
developed the aroma and flavor of its very own 

This photo
is the courtesy of My friend, BiBi C. Bbc

She is so artistic
look how she score the bread

such lovely design

A) Pate Fermente     
     35g bread flour
     26g water
     1/8 tsp yeast
     scant pinch of salt

B) Poolish
     35g bread flour
     35g water
     1/16 tsp yeast

C) Main Dough
     135g bread flour
     75g water
     1/2 & 1/8 tsp salt
     1/4 tsp yeast

1) mix the pate fermente (A) & poolish (B) in separate bowls, 
    cover & age in fridge up to 24 hours or 3 hours @ room temperature
2) when time is up, bring pate fermente & poolish to room temperature 
3) at the same time, mix flour & water in main dough (C), cover & 
     allow to autolyse for 20-30min
4) put all 3 doughs into bread maker, add remaining salt & yeast
5) knead for 15min and let rise 1.5 hours
6) dust work surface with flour because the dough is quite wet.
     Divide dough into 2 parts & shape by folding & rolling
7) cover & let proof until very puffy about 1-1.5 hours
8) score bread at 45' angle & 1/2 inch deep with a sharp blade
9) spritz bread heavily just before putting into preheated oven 220'C
10) bake for 25-30min until deep golden brown
11) switch off oven, open door 2" & leave baguette inside for 5min


Wendy Lee from Facebook said...

Wowee. Baguettes ! Make a creamy soup n dip in ... yummy.
September 24 at 10:40am

Katie Foong: Yes, that's what I am going to do for tonight's dinner.
Wise men think alike. Haha!
September 24 at 10:42am

Wendy Lee: He he
September 24 at 6:40pm

BiBi C.Bbc from Facebook said...

Lurve ! ������ can't wait to try your method!
September 24 at 11:12am

Katie Foong ��
September 24 at 11:50am

Khaw Felicia from Facebook said...

Beautiful loaves dear . Thanks for sharing there recipe ��
September 24 at 2:03pm

Katie Foong: Thank you
September 25 at 11:01am

Khaw Felicia: Katie Foong ��❤️����
September 25 at 11:04a

Sarah Smeaton from Facebook said...

Hi Katie, thanks for your recipe,
I tried this out today but it was very crusty and quite dark in colour at 200 degrees in fan forced oven.
The bubbles were large and variable size.
I'll post a photo but can't do it in this thread.
I would really appreciate any advice.
It was tasty, but I'm nowhere near your beautiful result.
I will have to practice more.
September 27 at 8:36pm

Katie Foong: Perhaps your oven is hot.
How about reduce the heat to 190 instead?
You can also tent your buns with aluminium foil when it is getting dark !
September 28 at 9:20am