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Thursday, 20 December 2012



Meru Valley Golf & Country Club, Ipoh

My Home

Front View

Side View

Overlooking the Golf Course....

My Garden

With patches of flowering plants & shrubs...


And, work in progress......

A Mini Rock Garden

My Orchard

And A Vegetable plot.. neighbour's :-)

1 comment:

Jacob Pao said...

Hi Mdm Foong,

Not sure if that's a correct.
Anyway, I saw your Kong pneah recipe a few weeks ago & it turned out to be good.

As I was reading more of your blog, realised that you are staying in the same taman as my brother's family. Theirs is #28.

I'll be visiting them on Monday (8 June).
If you are around, might pop by to say hello & thank you.
My neighbour also sends her regards as she enjoyed the Kong pneah. She's the one that found your blog.

Jacob Pao (Penang)