A Time To Share

Our God is a God of Nations:
"He so love the WORLD ... He gave His one and only son..."

Thursday, 26 May 2011


I was born and brought up in a typical Chinese family who practise idol and ancestor worship.  I studied in a mission school and had been a teacher in a convent. Later, I married into a Christian family.

During my younger days, surely I heard about God and His goodness. I had no interest in Him. God has been very patient with me. He gave me opportunities to know Him, but I just ignored and brushed Him off.  Yet, out of His abundant love for me, He healed my frozen shoulders in Nov 2004.

I had pain in my left shoulders for more than a year. I could hardly lift up my left hand.  It was a struggle for me every morning when I tried to hook my bra. The pain at night was unbearable and I need to put plasters and apply heat rub.

One evening, God pulled me out of my couch and put me in His midst in a Jesus Heals rally. It was an instant healing! I was able to lift up my hand, swing forward and backward, absolutely no pain!

I was amaized! I did not want to know this God. I kept running away from Him. He could have abundoned me for my stubbornness. Yet, out of His abundant love for me, He healed me. His compassion has touched my heart. So, I started to read His words. The following year, in Oct 2005, I was baptized.

My encounter with God did not stop here. He is always there for us, whether we want to approach Him or not.

Middle of year 2006, I discovered through the routine blood test, that my liver reading was abnormally high. I went through several tests, and by Dec 2006, I was diagnosed with hepatitis C virus in my blood. It was caused by the tainted blood which I received 28 years ago.

As the reading of the liver function test kept going up, doctors recommended biopsy and treatment immediately, to avoid possible damage to the liver. The treatment is like chemotherapy with a whole string of side effects!

The result of the diagnosis brought fear into me, especially I was already feeling weak and lethargic. My anxiety was made worse when menopause crept in. I had to endure hot flushes, thirst and bone aching all over. I was very depressed, not able to sleep at night. I was in a state of uncertainty. I was lost!

As a human, thinking we were knowledgeable, we tried to find a solution to my problem by surfing the internet, reading relevant books, talking to those people undergoing the treatment, and consulting more doctors. Very soon I realized that no man on this earth was able to help me except to go through the much dreaded treatment.

In desperation, I humbly approached our Lord Jesus Christ, surrendered the situation to Him, and earnestly asked for His guidance. In His still soft voice, he comforted me, telling me not to worry but leave everything to Him. He told me that He would use the situation as a testimony to glorify Him, a testimony to bring the unsaved to Him.

His words brought me hope. So, I decided not to proceed with the treatment. As I put my trust in Him, he gave me peace. I started to gain strength, able to eat and sleep. Very soon, all the troubling symptoms left me. I knew Jesus was working on it. He was healing me!

One day, a visiting pastor prophesied that I had been healed, and told me to go for a blood test. The blood test confirmed that the liver was functioning well. The reading had gone down to an acceptable level. I had been healed! Praise the Lord.

It was God that healed me and brought me this far. Without Him, I could still be in bed, tortured by the side effects of the treatment. Our God is a wonderful God. He loves you even before you know Him. He is ever ready to receive you as you are, no matter how far you have gone on a detour. He is watching you, and patiently waiting for you with open arms. This is our God - ever so forgiving and full of love!

I give Him all glory and praise, amen